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Geeks grumble as Blizzard delays the release of Shadowlands!

Ahoy, geeks! Jimmie (aka Gherky) here!

Boy has 2020 been a real bummer. We all get locked down, but for us gamers we had been preparing for this for a long time. We are all inside for the most part playing our favorite games on our various platforms, and loving every moment of it.

Then we start running into gaming fiascos that really chap our collective hides. Both Sony, and Microsoft really jacked up their pre-orders for the next gen systems of theirs, but don’t worry they will have more unites at launch (if I could roll my eyes any further I would be looking at the back of my skull).

Now Blizzard decided it would be best to delay the launch of their much anticipated expansion to their long-running game, World of Warcraft. The newest entry into the series, Shadowlands, has been delayed until “it’s ready”.

Oh really, Blizzard? Well, let’s tackle this one, shall we?

I am sure that deep down they meant well, but it’s not like they won’t patch the crap out of this game anyways.

Blizzard wanted to placate the masses by having their exec producer crank out a corporate message stating what good they can accomplish with delaying the release of their newest expansion. While I am sure their hearts are in the right place we need to get real on this one. Like all online games, this expansion will be patched several times, and more than likely, have a few updates not soon after being launched. A delay will not stop the game from being updated, so this leads me to believe there is something else at play here (cue the X Files theme). Could it be covid related? Or is it something more sinister, like collusion from an outside government source bent on raining on the parade of the fun we all want to have? I shudder to think of the possibilities, or it could simply be they are lazy as hell and truly need to get their acts together. You tell us, Blizzard. Which is it?

Mulder is very suspicious of your motives, Blizzard.

Blizzard has extended an olive branch to the gamers who are truly bent out of shape: a full refund for their pre-order. This one defies all logic in my head, not on Blizzard’s end, but on the end of the gamers. So, you really want a refund, and (don’t BS us here) then turn around and buy it when the game drops in a month or so? I get it, I am annoyed to no end to, but really guys, you are going to go down that road and lock up a character?

Are we, the players of this fine game annoyed, by the delay? Oh, you bet we are! Am I still going to play it when it goes live? Damn skippy! We all know it will be fun to play, and that a delay seems pointless right now due to the never ending patches to the game, but at this point we can just be patient (and for those of us on the beta we can dive into the new expansion a little early).

Are you onboard the delay train, and happy with the move? Or are you like me and annoyed to no end by the annoucement? Let us know in the comments below!

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