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Sew What? Project Planning Tips and Advice From Cosplayer Panelists!

If you cosplayers out there feel bad about your own barriers to successfully completing your projects, have no fear! The panelists of “CosPlanning: How to start AND finish your next cosplay!” all admitted to their own barriers which I’m sure we’ve all encountered to some degree: whether it’s figuring how long the work will take, organization, keeping motivation if the cosplay isn’t turning out like you envisioned, or simply getting it done altogether.

Our cosplaying panelists discussing tips about staying motivated as you work on your projects. Picture credit to YouTube (via PAX channel)

The discussion panel, part of PAX Online 2020, saw four cosplayers gathered to discuss how they take on projects and pass on to fellow cosplayers a few ideas to keep them going in their own endeavors.

Sola of “Sola-heika Cosplay”! Picture credit to

“These methods might work for us, they might not work for you.” said Sola (of Sola-heika Cosplay), who went on to say “Don’t feel bad if you don’t have these methods to use for your personal organization; just kinda do what you can to make it work.”

“Rather than saying, like, ‘this is how so-and-so does it’, like, think what is the thing you’re having a hard time with. And then make your sort of strategy around that.” said Lauren (of RandomTuesday cosplay).

Vicky (of Vicky Bunny Angel cosplay) advised sometimes the cosplay you want to do may not be something you can feasibly do if space is limited; to work with what you have. And if you do have a small space that doesn’t have a lot of storage options, she also spoke of how she used to buy only enough materials to work on one cosplay component at a time.

Lauren of “RandomTuesday cosplay”! Picture credit to

When it comes to planning materials to buy, Lauren tends to peruse options online first; not necessarily to buy, but to estimate what materials might cost or if they can be found either online or locally.

In estimating time, the conversation lead toward advisement that people think about the time they actually have to spare outside of everyday life goings-on; this while Vicky recommended knowing the limits of one’s physical ability and subsequently how long it takes them to accomplish each process.

To keep motivated on the cosplay, one method Vicky posits is that posting regular updates of your project on social media and getting some encouragement can help motivate. Vicky also said that as she’s working on her projects, she becomes a “cosplay Super Saiyan” and works her fastest the week before a convention.

Birdie (of Elephantbird Cosplay)! Picture credit to

Birdie (of Elephantbird Cosplay) offered her own perspective: “make sure you are enjoying your project, modify it if you don’t enjoy your project, and don’t feel pressure to stay working on the same thing the whole time if you’re bored.”

In terms of making mistakes and staying motivated, the conversation steered toward it being okay to recognize any losses, take a walk to get some air, and possibly put the project down temporarily. Sola advised that unless making costumes is the cosplayer’s full time job, it’s okay to take a break and not do something.

Vicky (of Vicky Bunny Angel cosplay)! Picture credit to

“It’s okay if you don’t finish all five of your planned cosplays.” said Vicky, who added “I understand cosplay for me also is a huge source of enjoyment; I’m not saying it’s not, umm, but there are other ways to have fun and don’t let it bring your entire weekend down.”

I found this panel’s tips full of reasonable, good ideas. Follow them, and a cosplayer will stand a better chance of keeping heart as they move forward in their project(s).

Want to hear more advice from these cosplayers? Catch their panel on the PAX Online Day 5 – Stream 2 video on YouTube from the 7hrs, 57min, 29sec mark to the 8hrs, 54min, 30sec mark! Be sure to check out the official PAX Online 2020 schedule for more panels! Also, subscribe to Geek News Now and give it a like on Facebook!

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