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Massive Nine Day PAX Gaming Schedule Released!

For gaming fans, the die has been cast.

PAX, the Penny Arcade Expo, has released the schedule for their incredible nine day online convention. A number of indie gamers will be represented and unveiling their latest products during the event. The schedule kicks off on September 12th with a panel hosted by Mike Pondsmith. Who is Mike and why is he leading this incredible event?


Mike Pondsmith is kicking off PAX Online.



Founder and CEO of R. Talsorian Games. Creator of Cyberpunk 2020. Co-creator of Cyberpunk 2077. Origin Hall of Fame Game Designer.

Yeah, he’s kind of a big deal.

There will be dozens of panels and presentations to entertain a wide variety of gamers to include “The History of Japanese Board Games”, “Overwatch Voice Actors at PAX Online”, and “Designing Movie Based Board Games”.

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