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Shock Poll Results: DC Steals the Cape Off Marvel’s Back

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Since 2008 Marvel movies have been like the Hulk rampaging through the city and completely dominated the box office. There has been at least one or more movies released every year since then, sometimes three or more,  and each one has made more money than most people will make in a lifetime. Then the Infinity War and Endgame happened and three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) big hitters namely Iron Man, Captian America and Black Widow are gone. Now it seems that the MCU will have to introduce some new characters with just as interesting back stories to fill the gap left by the lost heroes. Not to worry dear fans. There will be another source to feed your geekdom. We here at Geek News Now value your opinion and based on that more than half of you believe that the DC universe is ready to step up and takes its place on the throne.

In our poll the votes spoke for themselves and 56 percent of you believed that DC will have the better box office numbers in 2021. That is, if we get to go back to the theaters by then. The MCU has three offerings for the fans coming in 2021, The Eternals, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and an untitled Spider-Man film. So here we have Spider-Man as Marvels big hitter and then you have Shang Chi and the The Eternals two unknowns to the average fan. This has worked in Marvels favor in the past, Hello Guardians of the Galaxy, but can the magic work again and twice in one year? It’s possible but only time will tell.

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DC does have kind of the same thing going. The Batman (who doesn’t love a good Dark Knight story) coming as their heavy hitter and The Suicide Squad and Black Adam. There are several things DC has in its favor. The Suicide Squad is not completely unknown. The 2016 film introduced us to the zany cast of characters and we are somewhat familiar with them. Add to the fact that this is a soft reboot with director James Gunn at the helm who is famous for giving us the comedy/action Guardians of the Galaxy. Lets face it the man knows how to do a good superhero movie. Then there is Black Adam Played by non other that Dwayne “The Rock”  Johnson. If you smell what the rock is cooking, then it could be a mega hit based on his star power alone.

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At the DC Fandome this past weekend fans were given a taste of what to expect from DC the next year. We were given behind the scenes for The Suicide Squad, an animated teaser for Black Adam, and of course a teaser for The Batman. That teaser alone has more than 20 million views on YouTube as of the writing  of this article and the fans raving for more. DC seems to be the powerhouse this up coming movie year so everyone get your popcorn ready and hope that we will be able visit our local theater for some big screen superhero action.

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