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New Lego Set for Empire’s Anniversary

Sometimes the planets align just right. I was shopping at Target the other day and as is my custom I made a trip to the toy department, specifically down the Lego aisle. I knew the new line of sets was not out until September 1st, and I knew I had everything that was on the shelf already but I always like to look anyway.

The Lego gods smiled upon me this day.

There on the shelves were three of the new sets and on the bottom shelf was set 75288, the AT-AT in all its glory. There had been rumors circulating that some of the store in the US had been releasing the September sets early and it looks like the rumors were true.  This is by far my favorite vehicle in the Star Wars universe and there it was in Lego form. This is the fifth time Lego has produced an AT-AT set and I own all of them.

Photo courtesy of Lego

Lego has improved on each of the models and each time they look at prior model and improve on the design. The “head” or cockpit for example the first time around was not attached well and had a tendency to fall off. Now it is to the point that it is connected to the body at several points so that there is next to impossible for it to fall off. Also there is room in the cockpit for not only the two drivers but also for General Veers.  There is also tons of storage space in the walker. Not only can you have your troops in there prepared for the upcoming battle but also a speeder and heavy blaster that come with the set.

Photo courtesy of Lego

One other play feature is Luke on the underside of vehicle. In times past Luke has just been stationary underneath the behemoth but now the geniuses at Lego have come up with a mechanism that actually raises Luke from the ground level to the underbelly where there is a hatch to open and let him toss the explosives in.

What about the minifigs you ask? Well aside from Luke and General Veers which I mentioned before are beautifully painted and a fine addition to any ones collection. You also get two AT-AT drivers and two snowtroopers. The one down side are the snowtroopers. In the movie they are equipped with a back packs and some cool looking half capes. In past versions of the minifig there have been capes and at the very least the back pack. On these troops though they are mysteriously absent making them look like they don’t belong with other troops you may have.

Photo courtesy of Lego

The minifig problem is only one of two problems the other is the price. At $160 US dollars it is a little pricey for just an impulse buy, but there are 1267 pieces so the price per piece is around $.08 so the price per piece is a good deal. At 15 inches long and 14 inches tall it will make an amazing addition to any Lego collection.  As I said before, The new sets are out there early and if you’re willing to hunt for them go and expand you Lego collection and celebrate the 40th anniversary of Empire Strikes Back, and help bring an end to the rebellion with this lovely Lego set.



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