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GNN exclusive! 20 Geek Questions with John Biscardi!

Ahoy geeks, Jimmie here! Hope everyone is enjoying the last bits of summer before the baby geeks head back to school, either virtually or in the classroom!

A little while back I had the awesome chance to do 20 questions with GNN’s John Biscardi, host of The Geek and I podcast , had a great time learning what makes this geek tick! It was great talking to a fellow radio geek (there is more to that story on my end from my time int he biz.). I am not one to waste time, so lets jump right on in, shall we!

  1. As the host of “The Geek and I” podcast, what is your inspiration for each episode’s subject?

I have a list of topics that I choose from, from things that I’m interested in learning more about. Which, hopefully, translates into something the listener would be interested in learning about. 

  1. While we are on the subject of podcasts, what are some of the topics you plan on touching on with “The Geek and I”, or what topics would you LOVE to chat about on an upcoming show?

I have a guest scheduled to come on and talk about all the summer movies that had to be canceled this year. Changes to release dates, changes to the films themselves and what the end of the year, if the theaters open by then, could look like in the box office.  We also plan on a deep dive into the Snyder Cut of ‘Justice League’ coming to HBO Max. 

  1. This next one is tough for many of us. What are your geeky passions, or is there one in particular above all?

I love to cook, above anything, but I’m “geeky” about a lot of things.  It’s as random and the “Suggested” section on my YouTube stream. One day I’m watching how to cook Sous Vide Steak and Hamburgers, next I’m geeking over the newest microphone, the next, I’m watching some dude make a survival kit from an empty coffee can and a handful of balloons. (lol) 

  1. If you were given the chance to be a part of your geeky passion, like asked by the source itself, how many times would you faint or how far would you jaw drop?

Well, that kind of happened. A long time ago I was studying to work in the radio broadcasting industry. I was a college intern at WRCN in Riverhead Long Island. The program director and morning host called me on my day off and asked if I wanted to fill in for the news director, who was going on vacation after election season ended that year. I was so shocked I actually said, “No, I don’t think I’m ready.” After I hung up, it took me about 30 seconds to say to myself, “What are you doing?” When I called right back, the PD said, “I didn’t even move. I knew you’d call back.”

  1. I collect a wide variety of items from many different fandoms. I am sure you are right there with me on that. What fandom would you say that you have the most collectibles from?

I am a soundtrack/score collector. I love the music from the movies. I have a huge collection of CD scores as well as all the vinyl LPs I bought as a kid. I’m currently moving and found a turntable, so I’ll probably be listening to the old school scores as I buildout the new studio.

  1. Is there a “holy grail” collectible that you would love to have in your collection?

I would like to get the Marvel Legends: Iron Man helmet. 

  1. If there was one movie going moment you could relive, what movie would you be watching in a theater setting?

Most definitely, the movie would be “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”. I was a 4 pack of screening passes to see that in Manhattan at the Lowes Astor Plaza. I went with my dad and a few friends on the train from Long Island. My dad was a big Indiana Jones fan and still remember his reaction during the movie. Other than going to watch the Mets play at Shea Stadium, this is one of the greatest moments my father and I had together. 

  1. Ever since we started getting spoiled with assigned seats in theaters no one really lines up anymore, but in thinking about the movies coming in the future, which film would be deserving of such dedicated hysteria?

Truthfully, I don’t think there is. I think, back in the day, lining up was because movie releases, especially the “blockbuster” type, were spread out. I remember one schedule we had, had the new Schwarzenegger movie, a month later, the Stallone movie, a few weeks after that, a Mel Gibson movie and they showed on maybe three screens. Now a big release, because they are digital and show in an entire theater, and big movies can be released three or four on the same day. That said, I’d probably line up for “Black Widow”. 

  1. Word has it that you have a connection to the awesome crowd funding site, Legion M, where the fans get to own part of the company as well as help fund their fandoms. How deep does your connection go? Are we talking X Files level of conspiracy deep here in the way you are connected?

That is true. I am an early investor in Legion M. I do have a few connections. If I had to put it in X-Files terms, I’d have to say I the guy that get the smoking man his matches.

  1. I saw that Greg Grunberg is deeply involved with projects on Legion M. If you had the chance to work on a production with him, how many more seasons of Heroes do you think we would get?

Don’t get me started on “Heroes”. I loved season one. Then lost interest during season 2. I don’t think m need for “Heroes”. 

  1. On a more serious note, I was worried when I saw that you had tested positive for Covid19. How has this impacted you, and your geeky life for the time being?

Well, it was pretty rough. Not from the actual Covid, but the side effects and the lingering effects. After I tested clear, I had a reaction to the virus where my spleen started “eating” my blood platelets. I spent a week in the hospital recovering. I still haven’t been released to go to back my 9 to 5. The worst part is my voice. I go completely hoarse everyday around 3:30pm like clockwork and can only muster a whisper until the following morning. It’s really frustrating.

  1. What words of geek wisdom can you impart to smack some sense into some of us regarding the experience you had with recovering from Covid19?

“With great power, comes great responsibility.” Look, I believe this thing can be pretty rough on a certain portion of the population. My view is that if you feel the need to, stay home and if you want to wear a mask, but remember, if you choose not to wear a mask, there could be ramifications. If a business doesn’t want anyone without masks in the building its their right to deny you service, and it’s your right to shop somewhere else. 

  1. Once things settle down from the current situation, and Cons start happening again, what con would you want to go to, and what has you headed to that show?

I would truly enjoy going to San Diego Comic Con. I can almost guarantee, when the next one comes around, Legion M will have a kick ass showing and I’m looking forward to seeing my friends again. 

  1. What con in the past blew your mind either in scale, or experience?

I’ll go with the experience portion of the question. In 1995 I attended a “Star Trek” convention in Manhattan. Walking around that con was one of the most surreal experience ever. I dressed as a Klingon. I don’t think it was call cosplay back then. The best part, I walked around that con with my beautiful, future wife, who even after riding the subway with a Klingon, has stayed with me for 26 years. 

  1. Looking at your past con experience, and connection with Legion M, which celeb did you have the most fun meeting/conversing with?

A few years back in Austin, I attended Fantastic Fest. I had breakfast at a local eatery with the legend Leonard Maltin and his amazing daughter, Jessie Maltin. I’ll never forget the movie insights Mr. Maltin spread across that table that morning. 

  1. I game quite a bit, and this is one of my other geeky passions (not to mention a stress reliever from work). What games are you playing right now?

I don’t really game too much. If I do, it’s usually MLB The Show. I’ll play that with my boys. One is in Guam in the Navy, so that one is kind of tough getting our schedule lined up. My other son is a Marine in California, so that’s a bit easier to get a game going. 

  1. Is there one game that should be remade in your opinion?

Yes, “Metal Storm” on the Vectrex system. That was the first system I ever got. I loved it. I’m hoping to get it repaired and on display in the new studio. 

  1. Conversely, is there one game that is so sacred that the developer should leave it as is?

Pitfall. Don’t change Pitfall. 

  1. I love to snack when I game. What kind of eats do you partake of during game time?

Sunflower seeds. It’s like being at the ballpark while I play MLB The Show.

  1. Thanks for taking part in my 20 questions, John! Last question, Why is “The Mandalorian” on Disney+ so awesome?

I believe it’s because it looks like ‘Star Wars”. Dirty, used, lived in. The story has a heart, it stops the action to tell the story. The cinematography is amazing and no lens flares.


John is such an awesome dude, and glad I had the opportunity to squeeze his noggin’ for a bit with my little Q & A! Who do you think I should sit down with next!? Let me know in the comments below!

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