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Shazam 2 Cast blasts into DC Fandome with the Fury of the Gods

“Let’s talk about our bonkers, awesome sequel!” Zachary Levi AKA Shazam threw out a list of questions at the start of the Shazam 2 Panel in the DC Fandome.

“Will there be a DC Cameo?”
“New superpowers?”
“Will Superman be in it?”
“Can we talk about the new title?”

Levi pauses before he answers. “We’re limited in what we can talk about.”

But before he can finish, a few more familiar faces pop on the screen and begin to spill the tea.

Eleven year old, Faithe Herman, who played Darla Dudley, offered to draw a poster of the new film as other cast members including Asher Angle (Billy Batson), Jack Dylan Grazer (Freddie Freeman), and Meagan Good (Super Hero Darla) spoke of new powers, the upcoming title, the storyline, and potential cameos.

Two more guests arrived. Comedian/actor Sinbad, director David F. Sandberg, and Adam Brody (Super Hero Freddie) to fill out the eight member panel who discussed the upcoming filming.

With the simultaneous filming of Shazam 2 and Black Adam, rumors have floated around that there might be some crossover cameos, but nothing was confirmed with this or the Black Adam panels. Since Black Adam and Shazam butt heads frequently so one appearing in the other’s film wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities.

Black Adam and Shazam

Considering the Shazam 2 movie isn’t schedule to be released until November 4, 2022, there wasn’t a huge amount to discuss, but sweet Faith presented the first movie poster for the film as well as the title.

You can watch the entire panel discussion here.


What do you think? You excited for the Shazam 2: Fury of the Gods movie?

What was your favorite scene in Shazam?

For those who need a bit of a refresher, check out the original trailer and drop your comments below.


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