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What the Star Wars Fans Want Next.

The Skywalker saga has ended. The Clone Wars are over. The Mandalorian season two is still several months away. This gives us the fans a chance to sit back and soak in all that Star Wars has become. It also gives us the opportunity to read EVERY rumor that comes up and discuss what could be with other fans. Sometimes its even nice to sit back and think what we personally would like to see in a new Star Wars project.

I recently posed the question “You’re in charge of a new Star Wars trilogy. What type of story do you want to see?” to two different Facebook groups “Star Wars: Geeks of the World Unite” and “I am Addicted to Star Wars” and the response was very one-sided. Yes, there were the off answers such as a “Darth Jar-Jar trilogy” and scrapping the entire sequel trilogy and starting it over, but there were some serious answers as well. Some of those included a trilogy set between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens which showed the rise of the First Order. Another solid idea was to tell the story of Darth Plagueis and how Palpatine managed to kill him. The over whelming majority said that they would like to see something set in the Old Republic. Be it Revan and Malik or even Darth Bane and the establishment of the “Rule of Two”.

There were even suggestions for directors. They ranged from Steven Spielberg to Michael Bay. Ridley Scott and James Cameron even came up. Even Quentin Tarantino made an appearance. While all amazing directors and would each make a spectacular movie the majority spoke again. The team of Dave Filoni and John Faverau came out on top.  With their work on The Mandalorian who could blame any one for saying that. They seem to really know Star Wars and know what the fans want and how to give it to them.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

At the end of the day though it all boils down to story and how its told. As a lover of all thing Star Wars I would love to see a set of stories from the Old Republic. People pointed to the fact that between the novels and the various video games set in The Old Republic, there is a lot of source material to draw off of. One of my favorite comments came from Timothy Barnes. He said “There are a lot of answers here about great directors, but don’t forget that direction in this genre (Star Wars is its own genre now) requires passion for the story, not just passion for directing.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rob

    August 14, 2020 at 10:41 am

    I’m excited for the High Republic – however I wish it was more like 1000 years before the PT era rather than 200.

    With the time period they’re placing it in – Yoda is still very much alive and presumably on the council – and the frame work for the sith being in the shadows looming towards the events to Palpatine’s rise are on the horizon.

    I’m very much done with the Skywalker Saga and would prefer to stay completely away from it in all regards. It’s a big galaxy…and there are many other galaxies within the universe.

    I’m not a huge fan of the Old Republic material (KOTR 1&2 and SW:TOR as well as the plethora of books and comics) – but like everything else EU – it’s there and can be used. I wouldn’t mind a unified canon that pulled from this catalog, but I don’t want to see it just rehashed. I think the decision to put the High Republic at 200 years before sets it far enough away from that to avoid any backlash or criticism from the Old Republic diehards who are crossing everything they can to get a live action show/movie of the events of KotR and ToR; They wouldn’t be satisfied no matter how it turned out.

    Personally, I want to see beyond this time period. What’s a future with Jedi passing into legend and myth 200 years after the fall of the Empire, rise of the first order, the destruction of the new republic and whatever came after that? That’s what I want to see.

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