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SDCC: Simon Pegg & Nick Frost Balance Comedy and Horror in Truth Seekers

Truth Seekers-Comedy/Horror series coming to Amazon Prime this fall.

From the guys who brought you Hot Fuzz, Shawn of the Dead, and Paul, comes a new series that’s promising “The Truth is Way, Way Out There.”

Teaming up again, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, bring Truth Seekers, a horror/comedy to Amazon Prime later this year.

The first trailer was released today during the panel and now, you can watch it here:

During the Comic Con at Home panel discussion, moderated by Empire magazine’s Chris Hewitt, Pegg, Frost along with co-writers James Sarafinowicz and Nat Saunders, discussed the early brainstorming about coming up with the ideas of the show of amateur paranormal sleuths who accidentally stumble on a series of events that might lead to a world apocalypse.

The initial stages involved pouring over shows like Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World and Mysterious Universe, as well as Usborne Book of Ghosts and The X-Files series.

“We needed to figure out how could we harness our obsession with all the paranormal in a show.” Nick Frost explained the characters Gus, played by Frost, couldn’t have any sort of fancy job. “We thought, we’ll have them (characters) work as broadband installers, the most boring job ever.”

(Moderator Hewitt joked that if it weren’t for the broadband types, Comic-Con at home wouldn’t have the ability to have this panel.)

Truth Seekers staring (from left) Simon Pegg, Emma Darcy, Samson Kayo, Nick Frost

The series covers a group of part-time ghost hunters “who wish to be taken seriously,” Frost adds as well as explains his character. “Gus, is alone. He’s lost a loved one and hopes to see her again in some sort of realm.”

In addition to Frost and Pegg, bragged about their amazing cast Emma Darcy (Astrid) and Samson Kayo (Elton), Susan Wokoma (Helen) and veteran actor, Malcom McDowell (Richard).

Susan Wokoma (Helen) and Malcom McDowell (Richard)

The eight episode series has the balance of horror and comedy as the Frost/Pegg creative team have done so well with movies like Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

Asked by moderator, Chris Hewitt, if the balance was difficult to write, Pegg explained the task wasn’t difficult to combine the two genres if you keep in mind “not to make fun of the horror. The key is to take the horror rather seriously and let the comedy exist adjacent to it.”

Before penning this series with Saunders and Serafinowicz, Frost and Pegg have done their share of ghost hunting, many times going to old churches and knocking on the doors.

Frost remarked, they did use abandoned and potentially haunted places for sets.

As he wrapped up, Hewitt asked the panel if they believed in the paranormal and aliens. Pegg answered, “No ghosts, but I do believe in aliens but not UFO’s.”

Laughing, Hewitt questioned, “but how do they get here?”

Pegg replied, “I believe they are out there but they don’t transport.”

You can check out the entire panel discussion at the Amazon Prime Video: Truth Seekers or hop on over to Comic Con International’s YouTube channel.

Are you a fan of the paranormal? Cyptozoology? UFO’s?

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