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Ahmed Best Shines in Jedi Temple Challenge

Ahmed Best as Master Kelleran Beq. Photo Credit:

Grab your kids (or not) and settle in to watch the first two episodes of the Star Wars Jedi Temple Challenge!  What an absolute joy it was to see Ahmed Best as “Jedi Master Kelleran Beq” as he guides and encourages three teams of two young padawans in their quest to become Jedi Knights! Master Beq is joined by his funny, wise-cracking protocol droid AD-3, voiced by Mary Holland (Homecoming) and LX-R5, an astromech droid that looks similar to Chopper from “Star Wars: Rebels”.

The padawans must complete three trials to receive their lightsabers and become Jedi Knights,  The first trial is set on what looks like it could be on Endor if it had an obstacle course.  The padawans must successfully perform three tests to earn parts of their lightsaber hilts. The first two teams to complete the course and build their lightsaber hilts move on to the next trial, while the third team is kindly instructed by Master Beq to return to the Jedi Temple for more training.

Jedi Master Kelleran Beq, AD-3, and LX-R5. Photo Credit:

The teams then travel to the Jedi Star Cruiser, “Athylia” where they are told a story (written by Cavan Scott) by AD-3.  This trial challenges their knowledge of the story and all the details within it. The first team to get five questions correct earn their cool looking holocrons and move on to the final trial,

The final challenge is set deep within the Jedi Temple where the padawan’s bravery is tested.  There are more puzzles, tests of strength and is also timed, but most importantly they will face the dark side of the force.  The dark side is evilly voiced by the wonderful Sam Witwer (Clone Wars), who tries to tempt the padawans into using the dark side to help them through a puzzle.  If they use the dark side, the next puzzle will become more difficult. If the padawans complete the final trial, they receive their kyber crystals to complete their lightsabers and are presented with Jedi Knight robes.

Jedi Temple Challenge encourages teamwork and reminds me a lot of the old Nickelodeon show Legends of The Hidden Temple that my kids used to watch. As an adult watching this show, I thoroughly enjoyed it as there are plenty of easter eggs to watch out for. Watching Ahmed Best totally shine in his role as a Jedi Knight is well worth it. Maybe some day they will come out with an adult version that I could sign up for!

The first two episodes are available to watch now on the Star Wars Kids channel on YouTube.

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