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Six Upcoming Shows that Will Fill Marvel’s Pockets

Courtesy of Marvel

After the breathtaking events of Avengers: Endgame, the MCU isn’t finished. In 2019, they released a timeline of upcoming films and TV shows bringing light and giving stories to characters that needed a stand-alone for a long time. Even with all the setbacks related to COVID-19, there is still hope for these upcoming shows, as news has only come out about their delayed releases, not if they are canceled. Only one animated show has been confirmed as well as multiple live-action shows that cross over into future movies. With everything coming out, listed are six projects that will skyrocket Marvel’s profit. 

Courtesy of Marvel

1). The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier follows Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes on their own journey to become the leaders of the new generation of Earth’s mightiest heroes. This is said to be the first show to be released, but with delayed filming, it might not be.

The cunning villain Helmut Zemo from Captain America: Civil War is back, ready to tease the already tortured mind of Bucky Barnes. He’s even seen in the teaser for the show. It has also shown Sam throwing Captain America’s shield, as the hero officially retired from the Avengers. Fans have waited long enough for a show starring these heroes, as Bucky struggles to redeem himself, and Sam works to fill the shoes of Steve Rogers. I hope that in this show, Sam accepts that he doesn’t need to fill the shoes of an old hero, but morph the shield to demonstrate his own strength. 

Heroes that had vanished with the snap deserve their chance to shine. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will do just that. Bucky Barnes is one of the most favored characters in the MCU despite never leading a film before and being a supporting character who got brainwashed into being a deadly assassin for Hydra. He’s strong and stoic but he’s also intense, broken and vulnerable. His character draws fans from everywhere. We might as well just hand Marvel hard cash.

With this new show, these two won’t be “on your left” anymore. 

Courtesy of Marvel

2). WandaVision

    After the death of Vision and the defeat of Thanos, Wanda struggles to move on, if she ever moved on at all. WandaVision takes place in a 50’s styled TV show, where Wanda realizes that everything isn’t as it seems. This show is said to set up the second Doctor Strange movie, where the Scarlet Witch will fight alongside the sorcerer against the monsters of the multiverse. I’m not sure how a 50’s style reality where Wanda is trapped with her dead lover will help her move on. Perhaps it’s in a different reality, where she has Monica Rambeau as her neighbor. 

Although it isn’t confirmed that Vision is actually back, or if he’s actually alive, the production will show the dynamics of the relationship and explore new possibilities between the two. Jac Schaeffer, a co-writer on the Black Widow movie and Captain Marvel, serves as showrunner while Matt Shakman (Game of Thrones) will direct. I have no doubt that this will be a hit with amazing writers and directors that love the thrill of surprise endings and plot twists.

It’s been reported that WandaVision has finished filming, which opens the possibility that WandaVison and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier might switch release dates, or that WandaVision could come out before The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel did this, as Disney would never let a finished project just sit there. 

Courtesy of Marvel

3). Loki

    This show starring Tom Hiddleston as Loki will stand as a sequel to Avengers: Infinity War. Loki is one of the most complex villains in the MCU, with just enough evil to root against him, but just enough good to wish him another chance. Loki is ranked as the top Marvel villain on the This show harbors the charming trickster, following the events of the first Avengers movie, but this cunning god won’t be making his journey alone. 

    Starting out as a villain, the character has morphed into more of a broken soul, desperate for recognition. Digital Spy reports that the show will follow the trickster as he weaves his way through historical events, giving the impression that he had always been there, somehow pulling the strings. He had turned into one of the most beloved characters of the MCU. Marvel won’t just let him die, even though he’s “died” multiple times. A show specifically about his journey, especially his journey phycologically, would make millions of dollars. He would struggle with his identity, just like Lucifer did in the Netflix show Lucifer

    It simply brings up the question; “Is he really a villain?” Many people already have their position and many people are on the fence. Hopefully this show will answer that question for all fans of Loki and fans of the MCU.

Courtesy of Marvel

4). What if…?

    This is the only new animated Marvel TV show on Disney+ as of now. It is a take off of the comics called What if…? The comics themselves are basically fan fiction of the marvel universe, or if certain scenarios played out any differently. It’s confirmed that the first story will show what would have happened if Peggy Carter had taken the Super Soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers and if Loki had wielded Mjolnir instead of Thor.

    This show wouldn’t be canon. It would simply be a fun show to see what would happen if scenarios played out differently. 23 episodes, two stories in each one will cover so many scenarios. It would be the official fan fiction of Marvel, as this would confirm what would happen if things went differently. What would have happened if Nebula was the favorite daughter? What if Yondu turned Peter over when he was a kid? What if Doctor Strange was never in a car crash?

    The upcoming animated series, premiering in 2021 will gain the Marvel audience and maybe even fans of The Clone Wars. Having a consistent animated series has shown to do well, as seen with shows like The Clone Wars. This exciting, upcoming show gives one little twist on old stories and will show the inner strength of the heroes, or some sort of density that brought everyone together again. Alternate realities have already been explored in the MCU. That is what this entire show is about! We never know what one choice can do and what it will affect in the future. Now, Marvel streams a show about it.

Courtesy of Marvel

5). Ms. Marvel

I read one comic of Ms. Marvel. I didn’t pick up any of the other ones, but I would reread the one I had. In the comics, the main character, Kamala Khan gains her shape-shifting abilities from a cloud of smoke. Later she discovers that she’s inhuman, and gains the identity of Ms. Marvel passed on by Carol Danvers. Her abilities aren’t limited to turning her hands into hammers or weapons like the Sandman, but she can also change her appearance, much like the mutant Mystique. 

Bringing in another teenager, filled up to the brim with AP tests and drama will spike Marvel’s profit. Look at the newest Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland. His version of Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Far From Home was the first Spider-Man movie to make more than one billion dollars at the box office. The character is fun, energetic and gives hope to the Avengers team. Peter Parker was the main reason why Tony Stark was willing to travel back in time in Avengers: Endgame

After the fourth avengers movie, a new generation of heroes is born. Ms. Marvel might just be a perfect candidate. In the comics, she often runs around confused, unaware of the world, a total geek and kind of awkward. Kevin Feige has stated that Ms. Marvel will also be in the future MCU films, which would most likely be Captain Marvel 2. This is a fun, powerful, Pakistani American teenager with determination to fill the shoes of those before her, as well as Disney’s pockets.

Courtesy of Marvel

6). Moon Knight

    Vigilante-like shows such as Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones all were successful, even after the cancelation of Daredevil on Netflix. It is possible that Disney+ will continue Matt’s story, but that is yet to be confirmed. These dangerous heroes didn’t choose heroism like Captain America, but were forced to it out of anger and the will to survive. Moon Knight will follow that same pattern.

    Moon Knight is about a formal criminal who becomes “The First of Kohnshu,” and evolves multiple personalities. It would be like if Kevin Wendell Crumb from the movie Split had a twin brother who wasn’t cannibalistic and decided to be a superhero. Writer Jeremy Slater, known for The Umbrella Academy and The Exorcist has been selected as showrunner. I’m excited to see what twisted turns awaits this hero as he faces physical demons and the ones in his own head.

Marvel wouldn’t keep making heroes that never wanted to be heroes if they didn’t make profit. Just look at DC’s Arrow. The actor who plays Arrow himself makes $125,000 per episode, which is only a fraction of what the studio makes. Moon Knight will be no different, only the hero isn’t completely sane and a little unpredictable. 

That’s what will make him fun.

I never expected the Avengers: Endgame cast to be as big as it was. I hadn’t even heard of Captain Marvel or Black Panther before I saw the movie titles. There are hundreds of comics out there for Marvel to choose from, as well as plenty of time lines to fill in the little gaps of the story, but I think Marvel picked the perfect characters to expand on as well as introduce.

 A new batch of Earth’s mightiest heroes is coming right up, served with a side of cash and Disney+ subscriptions.

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