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Game Night Revival: Games to Play With Friends or Family

Image from Twin Citis Kids Club

Over the past several months many of us have seen our daily lives change. One of the things many of us have experienced is a revival of family game nights. We’ve all had more time to spend together and one of the best ways to alleviate boredom and spend time together is board games. Of course many of us may have played all of the games in our collection and are looking for something new.  Below you will find my recommendations if you are looking to keep those game nights alive and expand your collection.

Image from Steve Jackson Games


Age: 10+
Players: 3-6

This is a game from Steve Jackson Games the people either love or hate. But of you are looking for something that can be family friendly and a little bit competitive this is the game for you.  The base game allows you to play with 3-6 players. However the game can be expanded to more players with additional expansions of the game. The best part of this game is that it has something for everybody. Even people who aren’t keen on strategy games can find plenty of backstabbing fun With Munchkin

Image from CMON


Age: 14+
Players: 1-6

In the event that you hoped that when the apocalypse came it would be more zombies and less Netflix in your PJ’s, then this is the game for you. This is a cooperative board game from CMON games that allows you and your friends or family to immerse yourself in a world where zombies have taken over. To survive you have to find equipment and complete quests all while fighting a zombie horde for survival.

Image from Z-man Games


Players: 2-4

Some people may think that this recommendation is in poor taste considering the current situation. But I think if people will give it a chance they will find that not only is really fun to be part of a team working to stop an outbreak, but the things you learn while playing the game will actually give you a better sense of why things are happening the way they are. In this game from Z-Man Games you and your team are all that is standing in the way of a dangerous virus wiping out the human race.


The best part of these games is that once you play through the entire game there are expansions you can get to keep the fun going for months to come.


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