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“Star Wars Doctrine” Launches New Trivia Game Show

“Star Wars Doctrine” Launches New Trivia Game Show


Stuck at home? Get your Star Wars fix with the new Star Wars Trivia Challenge from Star Wars Doctrine. The trivia game show, hosted by Cody Dastrup and Logan Schultz, gives each contestant the chance to put their knowledge to the test answering 10 questions at different difficulty levels: Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, or Grand Master. Questions are drawn from the films. A perfect score earns a prize, and high scores get a spot on the leaderboard. Even better, the new trivia series provides an engaging outlet for those stuck at home amid the pandemic.

“We thought it would be something fun for Star Wars fans to do. A way we could engage with some of our followers. And when everything started happening with the Coronavirus, we were like, ‘Wow we really need to get this rolling.’ We felt it would be something fun for people to do without having to leave their homes,” said Cody.  For a chance to compete, you can contact Star Wars Doctrine through their Facebook Instagram pages.


Logan Schultz and Cody Dastrup

What is Star Wars Doctrine?

Star Wars Doctrine was created by cousins Cody Dastrup and Logan Schultz. Like many of us, Star Wars captured their imaginations at a young age. They grew up watching (and rewatching) the original trilogy and spent countless hours playing with action figures and dueling with lightsabers. But Cody expresses a particular fondness for Darth Vader. 

“I used a breathing machine for my asthma at night before bed as a kid, so naturally I loved Darth Vader. He sounded like my breathing machine,” said Cody. “My mom would let me watch Star Wars while I did my breathing treatments.”

For Cody, the idea to create Star Wars Doctrine was inspired by a friendly debate between friends. “Star Wars Doctrine came about after having a long conversation with some friends about how Force ghosts work, and why it makes sense for Anakin to be able to become one with the Force after being so evil,” said Cody. “The discussion got so deep and everyone had varying opinions. I realized it was one of the more fun debates I had ever been part of and it made me want to create a place for people to discuss their love of Star Wars.”

A Wealth of Fandom Topics

From its inception, they’ve published multiple videos and podcasts, all available on their YouTube channel, centering around Star Wars films and television series. “It’s a little bit of anything and everything Star Wars,” said Cody. “ We even had actor Dominic Pace (who played Gekko, a bounty hunter in the guild in The Mandalorian) on as a special guest for an interview. It’s been a lot of fun!” 

Who’s their dream guest? “My ultimate guest would probably have to be George Lucas, the maker himself,” said Cody. “And I think Dave Filoni would be a close second. You know how everyone comes up with questions they will ask God once they go to Heaven? It would be a lot like that!”

In fact, if you’re using your time at home to nerd out, Star Wars Doctrine has you covered. Catching up on season seven of Clone Wars? You can follow along with the Clone Wars and Chill series, where Cody and Logan breakdown and discuss each episode. And what better time to rewatch The Mandalorian? Relive the excitement with the Mandalorian After Party  series for episode discussions, fan reactions, and speculations.  

You can also dive into their One Thing I Would Change series, where they make the case for one change they would make to each of the Star Wars films, or explore their podcast discussions, with topics ranging from Ahsoka’s role in The Mandalorian, to a debate about who really brought balance to the force, and beyond. If you prefer listening to watching, you can find Star Wars Doctrine on all major podcasting platforms. You can also catch them playing different Star Wars games on Twitch





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