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Big Geek Headline of the Week: More more more…cancellations. SXSW got the axe, Emerald City Comic Con got pushed to the summer, four different conventions in San Diego are affected, and a college basketball game played with zero fans in the stands all thanks to the coronavirus. WonderCon is around the corner and massive events like the San Diego Comic Con and Star Wars Celebration Anaheim are keeping a close eye on developments as we draw nearer to their opening days.

Star Wars Headline of the Week: Keira Knightley, star of massive films and nominated for two British Academy Film Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and two Academy Awards, admits she doesn’t remember very much about her time doing “The Phantom Menace”. I don’t think playing the role of “Padme’s decoy” could have been very energetic, but the actress admits to falling asleep on set.  “I was just sitting in a chair, and I was in the background, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I really remember that. But apart from that, I don’t remember anything else about it.”

Photo of Keira in The Phantom Menace courtesy of Lucasfilm

Star Trek Headline of the Week: Is Star Trek being set up as the next MCU style franchise? A fascinating theory is popping up that Discovery and Picard might be intertwined and setting up a big time “Avengers-like” payoff. Inverse believes that time travel (of course) might play a key role and connect the two series that are separated by more than a century of time. Given that two of the most beloved “Next Generation” episodes involve time travel (Yesterday’s Enterprise and All Good Things) it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Remember that before we got the JJ Abrams movies, the highest grossing Trek film at the box office was Star Trek IV…yes, the one about time travel and humpback whales.

Photo from Den of Geek

Marvel Headline of the Week: Spider-Man is a thief? Tom Holland had an issue keeping his mouth shut when it came to spoilers on his movies. Now? He’s REALLY testing his boundaries as he admits he has taken something from every Marvel film he’s been in. He’s grabbed web shooter props, a pair of high-tech glasses from Spider-Man: Far From Home, and has even tried to grab an entire spidey suit for himself, but hasn’t been successful…yet.

Photo from Marvel’s “Far From Home”

eSports/Video Game Headline of the Week: Minimum PC specs for Doom:Eternal are nearly beyond belief. I remember growing up in the 80s and what a thrill it was when my father announced he had doubled our hard drive size from 40 MB to 80 MB. It was an absolute thrill for us PC gamers in the house. Bethesda has finally revealed what minimum and recommended settings you’ll need to play it at its best. The game can conceivably hit an eye-popping 1000 frames per second.

Photo courtesy of Bethesda


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