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Big Geek Headline of the Week: “The Clone Wars” is baaaaaaack! Star Wars fans across the USA and Canada (sorry rest of the planet) rejoiced when the seventh season of the award-winning show aired on Disney+. The show will be released one episode at a time, same as “The Mandalorian”, but that didn’t stop social media from being flooded with posts gushing about the 24 minute episode (including credits). The 12 episode season can only be seen on the streaming app.


The “Bad Batch” was featured in the first episode. Image courtesy of The Clone Wars show.


Star Wars Headline of the Week: What news could possibly rival the most beloved animated show in Star Wars history? That would be Baby Yoda merchandise overload. The New York City Toy Fair 2020 brought out the long-awaited toy line behind the character from the Mandalorian show in a huge way. Animatronic toy? Check. Build-A-Bear? Check. Plush? Check. LEGO BrickHeadz? Uh…sure, check. It’s all coming your way.


The moving, giggling, cooing toy will hit the shelves later this year. Image courtesy of the New York Toy Fair.


Marvel Headline of the Week: Kevin Feige nearly left Marvel? Yup. In an interview, Mark Ruffalo revealed that Kevin Feige told him he might not be around “tomorrow” because of his clashes with Disney key players about diversity in superhero movies. “Kevin wanted black superheroes, women superheroes, LGBT superheroes. He changed the whole Marvel universe.” Ruffalo said.


Kevin Feige clashed heavily with Disney over diversity in the MCU. Image from ScreenGeek.


Star Trek Headline of the Week: Here’s the answer to the question that has plagued Trekkies for half a century. We officially know how long it would take for tribbles to fill up the USS Enterprise.  A group of undergraduates at the University of Leicester in the UK calculated the growth rate of the fictional Star Trek critters. The bottom line is that the flagship of Starfleet would be completely fill up with the furry little creatures in just 4.5 days.


“The Trouble With Tribbles” is considered one of the best episodes from The Original Series.


eSports/Video Game Headline of the Week: Pikachu and Sonic have proven that the next frontier for Hollywood just might be in video game movies. The industry has been long accused of being out of ideas and the flood of remakes or reboots has not discouraged that line of thinking. With comic book movies dominating the box office, Hollywood will turn to video games for fresh ideas to keep people heading into theaters. “The Witcher” is on Netflix, but a feature film is certainly in the future. A movie about “Borderlands” is on the way with Eli Roth in the director’s chair. There is fresh territory to be explored here, but hopefully we’ll get quality films and not the “good ol’ days” of “Mortal Kombat: Annihilation” and “Super Mario Bros”.


It’s a big hit on Netflix, so it’s a matter of time before a feature film is coming to theaters.

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