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Big Fat Headline of the Week:Sonic BOOM at the Box Office.” The official Geek News Now review said…”For a movie like “Sonic the Hedgehog” it’s best to turn off your brain, bring the kids, and have a laugh.” It seems the people agree as the movie delivered the largest opening weekend ever for a video game adaptation to go along with an estimated $68 million, four-day holiday debut and $111 million overall. For a movie that had a production budget of $85 million (including the redesign of Sonic himself) we can officially call this a win for Paramount.

Star Wars Headline of the Week: “Baby Yoda Plush Sells Out FAST”.  In case the nine million memes didn’t already convince you, Baby Yoda still owns the Internet. There’s no word on when they’ll restock and they did already miss out on the Holiday season in 2019. Here’s hoping the House of Mouse will correct future oversights and take as much money from us as we’re willing to dish out.

The demand for Baby Yoda is off the charts.

Marvel Headline of the Week: “Black Panther Disney Plus Date Revealed”. We love us some Black Panther. We love us some Disney Plus. So how long before we combined the two? Now we know that we can expect to hang out in Wakanda on March 4. You can also expect to see Ant-Man and the Wasp as well as Avengers: Infinity War on the streaming app this summer.

Black Panther is coming to the streaming service soon.

Star Trek Headline of the Week: “Romijn Still Working on Star Trek?” Could we see Rebecca Romijn back as Number One in a season of Discovery? Or a spin-off series? Or in any capacity? In an interview with “The Daily Front Row”, the actress freely admitted she was still “…working on Star Trek, but I can’t really talk about that.”

Fans consider Rebecca Romijn a highlight from Star Trek: Discovery.

eSports/Video Game Headline of the Week: “Wil Wheaton to Host eSports Competition Series”. 12 athletes, nine weeks, $100,000. “Our players won’t play the same game from noon to night. They will play different games throughout and, at the end, the person who has the best cumulative score will be crowned the champion.” –John Colp, the Executive Producer of the show. Sounds like “The Wizard” come to life, but with Wil Wheaton at the helm.

Wheaton will host the new eSports show.

While there is a metric ton out there, the purpose of this weekly newsletter is to highlight some news that you might have missed. You can get as much news as you want on our website. Mobile users, click here. Our website posts news as fast as it breaks so you can check it in the morning, come back in the afternoon for more news, and then check it again in the evening so you don’t miss out!


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