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Jimmie’s top five Sci-Fi and Fantasy odd couples!

This Valentine’s weekend we are celebrating love across all the spectrum of geekdom! In many cases opposites truly do attract, and this is ever so apparent in the movies, books and games we all enjoy.

Without further ado I give you my top odd couples in the realms of our beloved geeky community!

    1. Lorraine Baines (McFly) and George McFly Back to the Future series – My number one pick for the top odd couple goes to George and Lorraine. George is a huge geek, like many of us, and his future wife Lorraine is the complete opposite of him. She being the popular girl hanging with her friends at the local malt shop while he read sci-fi books and thinking on writing his stories. Originally Lorraine fell for the guy because he fell from a tree while spying on her from said tree (That’s a naughty George! Stop being a creeper!), and they ended up getting married. So, socially awkward guy and outgoing popular girl did hit it off! A few years later comes Marty, and we all know what happened there with the whole time travel shenanigans.

      You’re my density!


    2. Spock and Uhura Star Trek (Kelvin timeline)– The second spot on the list goes to another unlikely pair, Spock and Uhura. This came as a surprise to many geeks that are into the Trek franchise as Spock tended to express emotion more openly in the newer entry to their beloved series. Spock and Uhura have a thing going on? It could work, but the whole Vulcan side and human side tend to clash for both. I suppose it worked out better than imagined due to the newer series allowing the Spock character to be less logic based. Cheers to these two lovebirds as they tossed Vulcan logic aside, and be a little more open to showing his human emotions for Uhura!

      Should I tell her my Earth name is Sylar?


    3. Tom Bombadil and Goldberry J.R.R Tolkien literature– Tom Bombadil, the enigmatic elder character from the Tolkien books, and his better half Goldberry, make quite the pair as they are both wily spirits in the world of Arda. Tom being one of the eldest characters (if not the eldest) presently in Middle Earth was quite taken (by the beard) by the river spirit Goldberry. While both are quite mysterious, and possibly immortal, Goldberry’s youthful charm provides provides balance to the rough, wrinkled looking Tom Bombadil.

      Goldberry, Peter Jackson really should have left us in the movies.


    4. Hermione Grainger and Ron Weasley Harry Potter series– Hermione Grainger and Ron Weasley take my number 4 spot on the list. Hermione is a classic bookworm, and lets be honest, as likable as Ron is he is such a knucklehead. He is a true friend, and incredibly loyal, however, it amazes me that Hermione hasn’t pulled her hair out with some of the goofy stuff that Ron has pulled throughout the series (I mean, repairing his wand with sticky tape was not the most brilliant idea.). After suffering much through the series they did bond, and ended up starting a family together. Congrats to these two young people for not strangling each other!

      Hermione is already thinking “What have I gotten myself into?”.


    5. Thrall and Jaina Proodmoore Warcraft game series– Last, but definitely not lest is the love tested by warring factions,  Thrall and Jaina Proodmoorefrom the beloved Warcraft series of games by Blizzard Entertainment. Could it really work between an Orc from the Horde, and a Human from the Alliance? Although the potential was there in the beginning, it seemed that they ended up being friends. Me, I still think they have romantic feelings for each other, and this why they earned the number five spot on the odd couple list.

      Would it better to have the honeymoon in Theramore or Orgrimmar?


Who would make the ultimate geeky odd couple to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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