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Geek Chic Weddings

As we approach Valentines day love is in the air and there are many of us in geekdom that dream of the perfect “Geek Themed” wedding. Who among us has not dreamed of marching down the aisle dressed as Darth Vader with a contingent of stormtroopers as ushers, or had the officiator emerge from the Tardis to wed you and your beloved. Lets face it though its hard to get both parties to agree to such a thing and of course family is involved on both sides and may or may not be confused when the vows are exchanged in Klingon. Here are some ways that you can be married in a traditional sense keeping the relatives happy while in the mean time showing the whole world your true geekiness.


1. Invites

Who says you have to have a traditional wedding invitation? Mr. and Mrs Joe Smith request your presence….very formal and boring. I know that they cannot be delivered by owls but the wording and pictures used can do wonders to spruce up your invitations.  Even something as simple as a rubber stamp of a Poke’ ball, or the sign of the deathly hallows on the seal of the envelope can be amazing.

2. Music is life

Choose your music played at your ceremony as well as at the reception to show off. Before the wedding kicks off and as family and guests are being seated have them entertained by selections from your favorite score. Find a nice soft rendition of the theme from Star Trek played on the piano and let it play. Chances are no one will notice except you and your geeky friends. You can do this with any of the musical cues in a wedding. I myself entered the sanctuary with the pastor to the Imperial March, and my wife and I marched out with our wedding party to The Throne Room from  A New Hope. Move to the reception and there again incorporate scores for background music as well as songs from your favorite movies to dance to. The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack seems to be a great place to start. Most any type of music can be downloaded for the iTunes, The Google Play Store or even YouTube.

3. Accessorize

There are several places online to purchase jewelry and other accessories for a semi-formal attire. Guys can check out the latest in cuff links rings and tie tacks that feature your geekdom. Ladies find that special necklace or ring or even headdress/veil to show off. If you get married in a church then see if the pastor will marry you in a robe of some type. This will save you money on renting him a tux but also you can slip him a tie that features you geekdom. These items all cleverly placed on the bride or groom may even show up in your wedding pictures so the the memory will last. is a prime place to hunt for geek formal wear. Just search whatever your passion is and formal wear.


4. Things to do at a reception

Some people at their weddings have not only a grandiose wedding cake but also a grooms cake. Use that grooms cake to your advantage. Have a theme around it be it Star Wars or perhaps your favorite DC super hero. Chances are you will find a cake decorator that will make you the cake of your dreams. You may eve be able to pull off a cake topper on the main wedding cake if you an your significant other are in to the same thing.

5. Don’t forget the menu.

I know it is impossible to go and buy bantha steaks or a large order of Gagh with a synthehol to drink but that doesn’t stop you from giving your menu options some clever geek names. That goes for the drinks as well. Give everything a clever name at your Mario mixer. Just be sure to go easy on the Wookiee cookies and wash it all down with a butter beer.

6. Spice things up 

Ok so you have had a lot of fun at the wedding, but what about after the wedding? The time when the honeymoon starts? Why not add some spice to the bedroom with some geeky lingerie? I know most of us Star Wars nerds have the fantasy of the Leia bikini but if that is not your thing there are a plethora of stores on line where you can get themed undergarments that may spice things up in the bedroom. Bedroom cosplay is always an option as well. Tons of costumes can be found at Leg Avenue or even Party City. So put on those Hogwarts jumpers, Starfleet miniskirts, put on the skin tight costume and say “That is America’s a**.”

Just remember that it is the other persons wedding as well and if they do not share your hard core fanaticism they may not want a lightsaber draw as you exit the building or maybe they want a traditional wedding dress as opposed to the finest Hogwarts dress robes but there are subtle things you can do to geek up your special day just a little bit.

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