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12 Geeky Gift Ideas for Valentine’s

With the first Valentine’s day of the decade on fast approach,  stores are overrun with chocolates, roses and giant teddy bears, but what about that special geek in your life? These gifts can be hard to find if you’re not even sure what kinds of geeky items they have already. Don’t worry– there are more gifts out there than you think.


Valentine’s day is about coming together with people you love, which includes even your gal and guy friends that have the same geeky interests as you. Here are the top twelve gifts to get for your geeky other half; gifts that are both covered in pop culture and practical use.

1). D&D Dice Set–

Not even a dragonborn druid could give a better gift than this. D&D players all know that after a long time of throwing plastic dye, the numbers get scratched, faded and sometimes, unreadable. Compared to plastic dice, metal  dice last longer, and no matter how little gold your character has, these dice will look amazing. They come in all sorts of colors, adding a bit of flare to your Friday night game. Click here for the link. 


2). I Love you 3000 Sweatshirt–

Show them your love with an Avengers; Endgame, sweatshirt! Sweatshirts are always a safe, snugly bet when it comes to gifts. Unlike the temperature,their geek pride will never drop. Not that it’s a competition–but I think they will love this sweatshirt three thousand. Click here to order.

3). R2D2 Popcorn Maker–

Star Wars movie marathon? Count me in! This R2D2 air popcorn maker adds a geeky layer to an evening that won’t seem so far, far away. It’s a geeky way to make your favorite snacks or to get ready for movie marathons with your special someone. Wanting to join the dark side instead? There is a Darth Vader popcorn maker as well, for the same price! Click here for the link.


4). Memory Book–

Why don’t you sprinkle some magic on the memories you share with your geeky other half with an “Up” memory book? It’s a scrapbook that you can fill with pictures, favorite things, quotes and pixie dust. Sometimes the best things are the memories you have with one another. Click here to write your own adventure!


5). Lord of the Rings Monopoly–

Don’t have a special someone? Not to worry! Why not have a friends night on Valentines with a new, competitive and geeky board game. The Lord of the Rings monopoly game combines a fantasy with a familiar board game to create a fun night with friends or family. Click here to cash in.


6). Video Game Puzzle–

This 1000 piece puzzle is a fun way to get talking about the games of the childhood days. Inspired by vintage video game consoles, controllers, and cartridges, the puzzle is covered in games that will give you and your friends, family or special someone a blast into the past. It gives a few memories of the “old days” where people didn’t have an XBox, and when arcades were more popular. Visit some special memories or even times when they remembered when these games were more popular, all the while doing something together. Click here for the action.


7). Harry Potter Wine Glasses–

Want a geeky way to drink? Watch a quidditch match? Look no further–these Harry Potter wine glasses will be the chosen gift of this year’s Valentines. The best moments are done together. Gifts that can be used anytime will bring a smile to their face to remember those debates and house pride moments. If I got to rate them, I’d give them a nine and three quarters out of ten. Click here to catch this snitch-like gift.


8). DC comics throw blankets–

Ready for a newly issued Flash season? Well, these DC comic throw blankets might just be the perfect gift to binge watch all their favorite TV shows. Ranging from characters from the Joker to Superman, there are all sorts of soft blankets, draped over the couch or on the bed, ready for you to be bundled up with them. With these blankets, Killer Frost has nothing on them. Click here to buy now.


9). Gaming Phone Case–

Coming in many colors, this phone case is the best idea for that special someone that loves video games. The case has a literal gaming console inside the back of the case! Not only does it protect their smart device–but they will waste no phone battery to play their favorite games! There are 36 retro games inside and it’s the perfect way to kill time without receiving notifications that pop up during their gaming session. Playing on their phone will have a whole new and exciting meaning they will love and enjoy. Click here to get on the new trend.


10).Groot Flower Pot–

Does your significant other love gardening? Do they have plants everywhere? Do they like flowers? There is nothing more perfect for them than this Groot Flower Pot! This cute ceramic pot can hold a flower, or even just pens and pencils. Get your special someone a little decoration that will make them smile every time they see it! I am Groot!(click here to buy now).

11). Game of Throne Candle Holder–

After buying this for a candle lover, their favorite candle scents might just have a battle for the throne. The throne, acting like a holder, will decorate their geeky-covered rooms with a bit of extra flare. Not only will their place smell wonderful with their choice of candle, but the throne will show a bit of their geeky spirit. Who wins the throne? The mother of Dragons? The strawberry and vanilla scented candle? It’s up to them. Click here to claim it.

12). Tardis String Lights– 

There is no need to travel through time to find the perfect gift for the special geek in your life. If they like Doctor Who, then this is a gift for them. These Tardis string lights will, quite literally, light up a room. They are perfect for decoration, whether that be their gaming room or bedroom. They add a bit of romantic light wherever they are and give your geeky other half the perfect chance to decorate their place however they want! Click here to get them now!


There is only one first Valentine’s of the decade, so take this chance to give your special someone, friends or family a geekceptional day they will revisit with a smile and a happy heart!



  1. Taylor Henderson

    February 13, 2020 at 9:29 pm

    I don’t think I realized how much of a geek I was until I saw this list, because I love so many of the items on here! Solid list! Thanks, Emma!

  2. Amber

    February 13, 2020 at 9:38 pm

    Excellent article! Content is perfection. These gift items are perfect for the geek in my life (and the geek in my heart!)

  3. Ellen

    February 14, 2020 at 7:04 am

    I’m am not a confessed geek, but after seeing the items on this list, I want them all! Thanks for the suggestions.

  4. suanne

    February 14, 2020 at 6:29 pm

    I must truly be a geek–these are great ideas and I’ve already given some to my son

  5. Bedste

    February 15, 2020 at 7:27 am

    Love all this. Thanks for all the links and the excellent article!

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