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Final Fantasy 7 Remake is on the horizon! Is it worth it?

Squaresoft (now Square Enix) is ready to unleash the long awaited remake of Final Fantasy 7, but is it really worth all the hype?

The original 1997 release was very well received by Japanese, and American audiences. So much so that within its first three days it had sold two million copies in Japan alone, and 500,000 copies in 3 weeks in North America. Based on these numbers most people would automatically think “Hell yes, we need more of that!” and with the updated graphics, game engine and stellar voice-over work I would agree as this is all shown in the latest trailer for this potentially huge release.

I had a chance to sit down, and watch the final trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and have the break down on the awesome-ness waiting to unfold:

  • We start off with Tifa, and Cloud in a cut-scene straight from the original release where Cloud breaks the news he is headed to Midgar to become a member of SOLDIER.

Tifa: Hey Cloud, whatcha doin’?
Cloud: Wondering if spiky hair will ever be a thing?

  • Moving to the next scene we see Clould get a migraine as he along with Aerith, Barrett and Tifa have a run in with the big baddie Sephiroth in the Jenova chamber in Midgar.

Oh Sephiroth, is that you again!?

  • After some dialogue we are now introduced to the President of mega-evil-corporation Shinra, and his cronies as they debate over destroying Sector 7 of Midgar.
  • Now we see Professor Hojo bringing our his inner Frankenstein as he plays mad scientist with powerful elements called materia.

Oh look, the little glowy things will give us magic powers.

  • Once we get our first glimpse of materia we are then introduced to the director of Shinra’s director and the “mayor” of Midgar.
  • The next thing we are shown is an updated version of the Honey Bee Inn where Cloud is dressed in drag as a disguise (to everyone’s amusement except his). This scene was pretty funny in the original release, and from the looks of it shares that same humor.

Dude looks like a lady.

  • After leaving the Honey Bee Inn we move on to a fight scene with a returning character, Zack, who has not been seen outside of flashback scenes in the previous releases.


Zack, is that you!?

  • What!? Is it…yes it is! It’s one of my fav characters in Final Fantasy 7 – Red XIII also known by his birth name Nanaki! Such a cool character to play in the game, and the developers did some great work updating this guy.

No, I will not sit in the chair across from the crazy lady yelling at me!

  • We then get treated to a well done redo of the first time Cloud tries to take on Sephiroth, and gets his butt handed to him under glass. Professor Hojo watches the whole thing spouting something about how the fight proves his hypothesis correct.
  • Another an awesome moment is what we get next. Actual in game footage of a summons of some chocobo’s. Yup, the big golden turkey-ostrich looking birds are back!
  • The next several scenes we get are all very face paced combat sequences showing a huge fight with Jenova, the source of everything according to Aerith.
  • Then *BOOM* Midgar starts explodes as Sector 7 goes down in flames, and rubble.
  • So, Square Enix, when can we get out hands on this awesome game!?

Well, looks like we know when to spend our money on this awesome game.

There we have it! Is it worth it? In my opinion, absolutely, and if you have  PS4 you can get a copy real soon. Keep in mind this will be the first installment as Square Enix could not condense the entire game into one disc. There has not been a time-table set for the future releases, but we can only hope they come out sooner than later. Oh, and there is also that pesky exclusivity deal through 2021, so us Xbox One owners will have to wait a little longer to play this gem.

Are you eager to play Final Fantasy 7 Remake, or do you think this is just a nostalgic money grab? Let us know in the comments below!

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