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My “Rise of Skywalker” Christmas wish list

Here we are just a handful of hours away from the official release of the last part of the Skywalker story-line, Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker!

Heading into this movie, I am hoping that a few items will be resolved by the time the end credits roll and seeing that it is almost Christmas I have put them into a list for ol’ Santa to get to work on for me. Here is my Christmas wish list of things I want to see, or least hope to see, in Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker:

  • Rey’s parents- This one has been bugging me to no end since first seeing¬†The Force Awakens. This girl has been living on an old battleground planet for decades, and had some rowdy force ability laying right below the surface of her normal self. All of a sudden, she was thrust into high adventure all the while learning she can do all sorts of neat stuff (force visions, mind tricks, and using a lightsaber like its second nature). Surely this is not some random miracle, and that Rey’s family tree has some powerful force users in it.
  • Unkar Plutt’s mystery loaf of bread- What kind of culinary voodoo was that? Some sort of weird space ration for sure, but will we see that again or better yet, will we find out the source of that evil and eliminate it? Will Rachael Ray make it part of her show? Can I get it from Amazon? How many carbs are in it?! IS IT GLUTEN FREE?!?!!?

Honestly, what is that!?

  • Was Leia trained in the use of the force?: Will we see, on screen, if Leia was trained in the ways of the force (other than pulling the trick of floating through space on a whim)? Luke was teaching other kids the ways of the Jedi, and it would only make sense if Leia was an undercover Jedi. I would love to see this come to pass as this would make for a great send off for¬†Carrie Fisher.

You know you want to see her light this sucker up, and take on the bad guys!

  • Will Kylo Ren cut it out with breaking stuff?- This guy, Kylo…Ben…or whatever his name is, has this nasty habit of breaking things when he gets in a twist. Finds out about Rey and *smash smash smash* destroys a perfectly good computer console on a star destroyer. Wait, Rey escaped? Let’s trash the interrogation room. Snoke make you mad, buddy? Go on ahead and destroy that awesome helmet you had made for yourself. I am willing to bet the First Orders budget has a special line item just for Kylo’s tantrums. He really needs to simmer down, and relax for once. Maybe he should have a beer, or try yoga.

    Go ahead Kylo, you need it!


  • See the Knights of Ren get some action scenes- We saw them in a flash back, we heard about them from Snoke, and we saw a little shot of them in a trailer for the new movie. Will we see this group of dark side acolytes put the hurt on the Resistance, or will they be little more than background characters to be explored in novels, comic books or games? I am holding out for a nice fight sequence, but you never know with the new trilogy folks. They could all be cut in half, and then ignored for the remainder of the film.

JJ, please don’t waste the opportunity with these awesome looking characters!

  • Give Chewbacca his due- We lost a true friend to the¬†Star Wars¬†fandom this year.¬†Peter Mayhew,¬†the actor who portrayed¬†Chewbacca from A New Hope through¬†The Force Awakens passed away in April 2019. As a fitting tribute to the man who originally played him can we finally get him a medal of some sort. I mean, he did help in the Clone Wars, met his best friend¬†Han Solo¬†while fighting against the Empire, and played an integral part in taking down Starkiller Base. Not to mention, the man inside the suit did some great charity work with his non-profit group The Peter Mayhew Foundation. It is only fair that he get some on screen props as a great send off for this character in the Skywalker saga.
  • How do barbecued Porgs taste?- In The Last Jedi we were introduced to the porg. They were cute and all over the place. Chewbacca had the right idea to grill one, but got the sad eyes from one of the critters and ended up not eating his dinner. I am curious to know what that sucker would taste like with some hot sauce. Maybe Porg flambe? Roast porg? Porg on a spit? Served under glass with a nice Chianti?

Save some for the rest of us, Chewie!


And that is my wish list of things I am hoping to see in Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker! What would you like to see in the movie when you see it this week? Let us know in the comments!

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