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Disney Plus

Disney Plus Kills Off DVDs

It seems to be no matter where you look the “Mouse” is taking over, but does this mean their grip on digital media is helping squeeze out traditional discs? According to DVD sales have fallen 86% within the last decade. There are a variety of ways to watch your favorite shows, movies and short films rather it may be through DVD, streaming services or even download digitals, but why are sales dropping?

In a world where everything is fast paced and rapidly increasing with modern day technology, we often look for faster, reliable ways to do our tasks within a reasonable time. Sure we have DVDs. I mean who doesn’t enjoy the nostalgia of holding a hard copy, placing the DVD into the disc reader and kicking back to enjoy the flick. And if there’s extra free time then pop in the bonus features and play the movie over with commentary. Majority of the DVDs out there also have a download copy option.

Fast forward to today where we no longer feel the need to buy a DVD or digital copy as often, but instead we purchase or sign on for the free trail the latest streaming services and tune in this way where it’s super convenient. There’s still always the chance of having your account hacked and the occasional login error, but nonetheless streaming services are going to be here for awhile until the next big thing arrives. As technology improves and introduces us to faster, reliable and convenient ways to watch our entertainment we will continue to evolve with the times as well.

Sure, DVDs are decreasing in sales overtime, but there are also those who collect, those who still want to hold on to the nostalgia, and even those who are not ready to evolve with the times just yet. I have over 150 DVDs on my shelves, and I rarely watch them, but when I do I watch them as the streaming devices don’t have these classics just yet. Don’t forget that Disney also owns FOX which in result will mean a lot of movies and shows will be vaulted. What does this mean? This means once Disney brings them out of the vault for a limited time they will charge a bigger rate for it. Disney owns the rights to a lot of the entertainment industry. Perhaps box sets will take over in the place of single DVDs. I mean maybe we won’t get to see “Black Widow” on the big screen, but imagine if there was a collectible box set of a series. Now if they could release the full box set to the X-Men Animated Series that would be great.

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